10 Foods With the Highest Risk for Recalls and Contamination

Contamination and food poisoning are a real concern when cooking at home, traveling, and dining out.

And while some news reports can make recalls seem like an alert for violent illnesses to come, in reality many are a result of mislabeling—like forgetting an ingredient or calling something “gluten free” when it isn’t.

Though there are plenty of recalls related to nasty pathogens in our food that can severely impact consumers who are susceptible to foodborne diseases. That means: “If you’re immunocompromised, if you’re elderly, if you’re going to be feeding these items to a child, then you should pay attention,” says Lynne McLandsborough, associate professor of food microbiology at University of Massachusetts Amherst.

For the average person, cooking each meal thoroughly (a challenge with fruits and veggies) is the easiest way to prevent against foodborne illnesses.

To make you aware of the potential dangers, here’s a roundup of the foods most susceptible to contamination out there, and a few tips for how to enjoy them safely.

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