The 7 Best Soaps for Athletic Men

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Athletic recovery means more than just resting and refueling. It means getting your entire body back to the point where you can go about your business as usual. That hot shower at the gym after your workout? That’s part of the recovery process. Washing the sweat away is as important as any aspect of recovery (your friends and co-workers agree). So what’s the best soap for today’s active, athletic man?

For years, women have demanded strong yet gentle facial soaps to wash off their make-up. Guys’ concerns are different—but our demands these days are much the same. When it comes time to wash your face, you need a soap to not just get rid of the oil and grime, but something to wash away any after shaves, colognes, or beard oils you may have applied. Something to unclog your pores. Something to wash off the sweat of your workout and prep your skin for a shave (if applicable). And something that won’t leave you smelling like a perfume counter.

Put the Bar Behind You

In recent years, the market has responded with a variety of men-oriented companies with a host of products aimed toward guys. The days of grabbing any old (insert random bar soap here) during your weekly run to the grocery store are way in the rear-view. Today’s facial cleansers and scrubs are targeted to specific needs and, best of all, forego flowery fragrances and cloying scents for authentic aromas and natural musks. There’s a soap for every guy, for every purpose, and thankfully, modern chemistry has allowed cleansers to break free from the need for chemicals and additives to get the job done. They work well, smell great, and leave nothing behind but clean skin.

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