The Most Beautiful Hotel Gyms in America

There are hotel gyms (cramped, trodden, sad) and then there are hotel gyms—immaculate, palatial, cutting-edge studio spaces that damn well deserve a slice of your travel time.

If you’re currently among the 78 percent of business travelers who don’t use hotel gyms, per Cornell research, let us change your mind.

Hotels around America understand you don’t want to spend time closed off from the destination you’re trying to explore. That’s why they’re rethinking gyms and taking state-of-the-art fitness equipment and personal training outside the confines of a room and introducing sweaty, interactive experiences that take place on, off, and around property grounds.

These 10 hotels are redefining hotel gyms as we know it and standing out as some of the best specimens in the business. Here are the most striking, well-equipped hotel gyms in America.

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