What It’s Like to Have a Stranger Massage You in Your Home

Like getting a checkup, polishing up your résumé, and cleaning out your garage, you probably don’t put the time aside to get a massage until you’re really desperate.

That’s a shame, because, aside from feeling phenomenal, massages have a host of health benefits and can even help make you fitter.

We get it if you’re not into the whole spa experience—weird plastic sandals, eucalyptus-infused water, dimly lit lounges.

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If you feel out of place and uneasy, consider a service that brings the masseuse to you. Soothe is just one of the on-demand massage apps sprouting up around the country, We gave it a try in hopes of answering all your burning questions. Here’s what it was really like to let a stranger in our home for an hour-long rubdown.


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