What Would You Sacrifice for the Sake of Your Sport?

Rarely has an advertising campaign so squarely hit the mark—and made us feel like getting the hell out of the office—like Oakley’s One Obsession campaign.

The new ad campaign celebrates the raw, real, compulsive side of athletes’ passion pursuits, along with the sacrifices athletes make for their obsessions. The hero video below illustrates a day in the life of Chloe Kim, Bubba Cavendish, and Mikaela Shiffrin, among other elite and amateur athletes.

“It’s OK to miss the first meal to catch your first wave, and it’s OK to ditch your friends on powder days,” the video begins. “It’s OK to zone out, drift off, lose sleep over missed puts…”

We love the message—especially the emphasis on mental health. Instagram is a highlight reel, with nary a meltdown (or even a gaffe) in sight. As Oakley insists, it’s OK to lose your shit in the name of your sport. So in the name of racket-busting, bike-tossing, fist-throwing temper tantrums, here’s to the love of the game, whatever it may be.

Oakley also surveyed athletes to catch a glimpse of the sacrifices they make and would be willing to make for their obsession. Check it out below.

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